Amulet coin to attract money and good luck

In difficult times, of crisis, people need psychological support so as not to lose ground. So, an ordinary coin is an amulet accessible to everyone and capable, according to esotericists, of bringing wealth to the owner, ensuring career growth and protecting against financial fraud.

Chinese coin to attract money

The history and meaning of the money amulet

Since time immemorial, a coin has been a universal amulet to attract money: enchanted in a special way, the merchants of medieval Europe placed it in a wallet or carried it on a chain as a pendant. The most powerful "bait for money" in different countries of the world was considered the first currency earned by a person - they did not spend it, but carefully kept it and even inherited it together with the family business.

However, the properties of the amulet in the form of a coin are not limited to ensuring financial well-being:

  • helps the owner to achieve success in the professional field, provides rapid career advancement, and therefore a living wage;
  • protect the wallet from pickpockets, the house from thieves and the business from ruin;
  • help pay off debts.

How to make an amulet with your own hands.

The coin can be turned into a talisman that will absorb your energy and gain additional protective power:

  1. Prepare a coin, a green cloth, a candle and a ball of wool thread of the same color. According to beliefs, green objects attract money to the house, because they symbolize fertility, fresh shoots.
  2. Find out when the moon will grow (there is an opinion that your income will increase along with the growth of the month).
  3. Try to hold the coin chosen in advance in your hands more often (it should be saturated with your energy).
  4. On the day of the growing moon, spread a green cloth on the windowsill, place a coin on it and light a candle. Read the following words on the fire: "As the moon grows, so money comes, as the moon is full, so I accumulate riches. As they say, it will come true! ".
  5. Put a drop of wax on the coin and wrap it with woolen thread so you can hang it at the entrance of the house or around your neck.

selection of coins

An amulet for good luck and wealth can be made from any coin or banknote, however, there are rules that will help you choose the best amulet for attracting financial flows:

  • an amulet can only be made with real money;
  • a coin found on the street will be a talisman if it lay "eagle" and was picked up by the crescent moon;
  • Chinese coins that bring good luck, with a hole in the center;
  • leftover coin from a successful transaction or first salary is the most powerful money talisman.

Attention! For the manufacture of an amulet for financial well-being, coins with scratches, chips are not suitable. The cracks break the object's energy cocoon. Money received dishonestly will not work either.

Purification and charging of the amulet.

You can charge the amulet with the help of Fire and Water, since these elements have the ability to remove and burn negative energy.

Set up:

  • candle, candlestick;
  • earthenware with spring water.


  • Draw a circle and stand facing north.
  • Consequently, east is to the right, west is to the left, and south is behind you.
  • A candle should be placed in a candlestick on the south side and an earthenware bowl of water on the north.
  • The coin chosen as the talisman is placed in the center of the circle.

Ritual Progress:

  1. Purification by the element of Fire. To do this, you need to take a candle and drip wax on a coin, reading the plot: "Fire is light and illumination. Fire is a radiant energy, a symbol of transformation. Fire is the power of the spirit. With this fire sacred, I purify money and give them the power of a powerful element: the power to destroy barriers and create, spiritual vision for the realization of financial plans, well-being, prosperity, and a crackling flame directed against all who want evil to the owner. of the amulet. I bless the coin with the power of Fire! "
  2. Purification by the Water element. Dip the fingers of your right hand into a bowl of water and sprinkle the coin with it, reading the plot: "Water is characterized by fluidity and variability. Water gives peace and protection, dissolves negative energies. Water is the power of emotions. With drops of living spring water I endow the coin with gifts: flexibility, ability to make profitable decisions, business intuition. I bless the coin with the power of Water!

She now she must carry the amulet for prosperity: for this, she must circle it in a circle with a candle in her hands, reading a special plot.

Remember! You can only move in a circle in a clockwise direction.

Conspiracy text:

"On the roads, transitions, roads, roads, you, a coin, rolled behind me, walked with me everywhere, reached the closed doors and opened those doors. As the fire burns, so the pockets fill of gold, until the morning when that candle will go out, it will rid me of lack of money. You, coin, follow me and shine, open the way to prosperity! So be it! "

Grandma's conspiracies in a coin amulet.


A mirror conspiracy made on a full moon attracts others to a lucky coin.

How to do:

  1. Choose a suitable coin, hold it in your hands, saturating it with her energy, and place it in a round mirror so that it is reflected in it.
  2. Leave the mirror with the amulet overnight on the windowsill so that the full moon illuminates the object.
  3. Say the conspiracy three times: "Money to money, like the moon to the sky. Like Mother: the moon is full, so money is full of money. Word, key, lock.


For this ancient rite you will need a halved walnut shell, a green candle, and a silver coin. The coin is placed in a shell and filled with wax to make a whole nut. During the sealing, a plot is read:

"Money to money, all that is mine is with me, so be it! "

Repeat 3 times.

fiat ruble

This is a talisman that is carried in a wallet "to take the money". It can be any currency you like, spoken in a special way, but it is better to take an ordinary ruble. It must be charged with the energy of the crescent moon, which increases profits, placing it on the windowsill. Then a conspiracy is read on the ruble:

"However, I give a coin or change it, so the fiat ruble will increase my wealth. Money to money, like the moon to the sky! So be it! "

In the morning, the fiat currency is placed in the wallet in such a way that it does not come into contact with other money. It can not be shown to anyone, lose, give away and spend!

with a green candle

For the ceremony, the ruble must be dripped with wax in a clockwise direction and a conspiracy begins:

"Green grass spreads to the sun, pours juice. Then my wallet is filled with money, rings, it overflows. So be it! "

(after the ritual, keep the coin with you and do not show it to anyone).

Chinese coins to attract wealth

In souvenir shops you can buy coins with holes brought from China. According to Feng Shui teachings, to attract prosperity, buy 5 or 9 coins, joined by a red thread with knots tied for good luck. Such a talisman is hung at the entrance to the house.

You can load coins with the help of the Water element. To do this, they need to be placed on a slab with spring water and spoken to each other (you can create the text yourself, or you can use the example):

"Just as water fills a pot, so will my house be a full bowl. As water flows, so money flows to me.

Read as many times as coins you have.

Finally, remember: in order for talismans and amulets made of coins to work, you must believe in their magical power. Yes, and such an acquisition will definitely not be superfluous. Paraphrasing the proverb, we can say:

"The protective currency saves the ruble. "

Good luck!