Top 16 amulets to attract money and good luck

Obtaining money and wealth is not only about the skills and intellectual abilities of a person. Your luck matters too. A person can get to the right place and at the right time, as a result of which he will receive a profitable offer. To attract good luck, you have to work hard. It is also necessary to correctly use your own energy and the help of the Higher Forces. Amulets for attracting money and good luck will help with this.

golden rooster to attract money

Types of amulets to attract benefits

The effect of amulets to attract money and good luck:

  • attract luck and money to the owner of the talisman;
  • programming of human consciousness for profit;
  • the formation of the energy of well-being;
  • avoiding unnecessary expenses;
  • theft protection;
  • help in finding new sources of income.

There are many charms for good luck and money: some are meant to be carried in a purse, some around the neck, and some to be kept at home.

Solomon's Pentacle

According to legend, a talisman as powerful as Solomon's pentacle contains an angelic revelation that descended from paradise to the king. The amulet, which attracts money and good luck, has two faces and looks like a seal. It is made of metal or clay.

Horde amulet for money.

horde amulet

Under the Horde amulet for money, they mean coins from the time of the wars with the Tatar-Mongols. They are tied with a cord in the shape of a cross. The powerful talisman was a gift to Genghis Khan.

The magical amulet of the Horde to attract money is a talisman that brought untold wealth to its first owner. It hangs around the neck like a pendant and is hidden from view of all.

Slavic amulet to attract money.


The Mill amulet, which brings good luck and money, came from the Scandinavian lands. Combine 4 signs and have the following effect:

  • it attracts prosperity and good, it is a sign of new life;
  • helps to make a profit from any business;
  • it is a symbol of productivity;
  • helps to get rid of debts, protects from negativity.

A powerful amulet for money, bringing good luck and wealth, it spins energy so that financial flows are sent to the owner of the product. But you can't be greedy and save. Money should be spent with pleasure.

amulet windmill to attract money

Products of early Islam

The amulet that speaks of money and good luck, which dates back to the early days of Islam, looks like a Muslim-style ornament. According to legend, it was created by the prophet Muhammad, and Allah himself will hear the prayer. The amulet, which attracts wealth and money, also protects against damage. It is more suitable for Muslims.

Altai monks amulet

Among the amulets of great wealth, a product that Altai monks talked about became popular. It combines the monetary energy and the power of Christian prayers. An amulet that brings luck, prosperity, at the same time protects against envy, negativity, depression.

It should not be passed on to another person. It is recommended to allocate a separate place in the house where it will be stored when not in use, thus showing respect for the item. At least a couple of times a month you should thank him.

scraper spoon

An interesting money charm to carry in your wallet is a rake spoon. She raises funds for her owner. It is required to keep a miniature item near the bills or in a separate pocket.

spoon to attract money

Money with honey or oil

Among the money amulets, a honey bill is used to attract. It is prepared in a special way.

  1. You need to take out any banknote from the wallet.
  2. Spread it with honey on both sides.
  3. Dry with hair dryer.
  4. Put it back in your wallet, but in a separate place where the rest of the bills are not kept.

There is another option to attract money to the wallet - the use of patchouli oil. They're also supposed to smudge the bill, but only around the edges, and then put it back on.

mint and bay

Mint has a powerful monetary energy. It is necessary to put the dry leaf in the wallet. This way it will work as a magic amulet that attracts money. Bay leaves have similar properties. It also additionally protects against unnecessary spending, negative energy.

mint and laurel to attract money

Semi precious stones

Money charms are semi-precious stones. Some are capable of attracting wealth and good luck.

  1. Chrysolite. Attracts wealth, protects from envious people.
  2. Nephritis. Prevent poverty. In addition, it strengthens health, increases the energy of the owner.
  3. Rhodonite. Helps stabilize the financial situation. Ideal for those who are associated with creative activities.

To attract monetary energy, they are supposed to be kept near banknotes, in the workplace, or as a pendant under clothing.

chrysolite to attract money


Amulets for wealth are plants. You can have them at home, at work, but always check that they develop and do not get sick. By watering the soil, you need to imagine that this is an injection into finances.

The fat woman is also called the money tree. It is considered the most famous plant associated with wealth. This is because its leaves resemble coins. Before planting a fat woman, you must perform a ritual at midnight.

  1. Sprinkle the pot with holy water.
  2. Light a candle purchased at the church and hold it in your right hand.
  3. Cross the pot 3 times.
  4. Plant the crop and water abundantly.

Among the homemade amulets for wealth, red geranium stands out. When planting a plant, a ceremony must be performed.

  1. Collect some dirt from 3 crosses.
  2. Write the amount of money you need on a piece of paper.
  3. Bury the paper in a pot.
  4. Plant a culture.
red geranium to attract money

red geranium

Zamioculcas is also known as the dollar tree, because its magical ability to attract money was discovered in America. The faster the tree grows, the better the financial situation.

To activate the abilities of zamiokulkas, you need to put 1 dollar under the pot and put another bill on a branch (twisting is allowed). To water the plant, use coin-infused water (change 1 dollar into pennies) for 20 minutes.

Dracaena sander is also known as bamboo happiness. The plant improves the energy in the room, brings prosperity, prosperity. To enhance these properties of the dracaena, it is recommended to decorate it with gold and red ribbons, hang coins.

Feng Shui Amulet

Feng Shui Money Talismans:

  • owl - avoid unnecessary expenses;
  • toad - ask for money;
  • horse - promotes change for the better;
  • Hotei is the god of prosperity and happiness.
three-legged toad to attract money

They are best located on the southeast side of the building.

How to make a talisman with your own hands.

DIY amulets at home are considered the most powerful and effective. They concentrate the energy not only of things, but also of the owner. It is easy to create amulets for money with your own hands - they are sewn, knitted, embroidered, carved, painted, etc.

tied coins

To build a talisman with your own hands, you need:

  • take 3 coins with hieroglyphs with holes in the middle;
  • tie them with a strong red thread;
  • put it in a secret place at home or put it in a wallet.
Chinese coins to attract money

The coins attract the monetary energy and the selected thread the power.


To create an amulet for money with your own hands, you need:

  • buy an ordinary lock with all its accessories;
  • place the item in the place where the money is stored;
  • Keep the key to the lock in your wallet.

Thanks to such an amulet, a connection between financial flows is formed and strengthened.

key to attract wealth


There are 2 options for creating an amulet in the form of a money bag with your own hands. In the first case, you need:

  • sew a bag yourself from natural leather or fabric;
  • Collect coins of all denominations. Spread them with eucalyptus oil;
  • pour coins into a bag;
  • hide the bag

In the second case, the following items fall asleep instead of coins:

  • tourmaline;
  • anise, cinnamon, cardamom, wormwood, saffron;
  • chicken feather;
  • karu pine nuts;
  • horseshoe magnet

You must keep that talisman in the bedroom and not show it to anyone.

bag to attract money

rune items

Powerful money amulets are obtained using runes. They can be drawn on a wallet, key chain, bracelet, phone, any other talisman or amulet. The main thing is that the owner often touches this item.

A common option is the triple use of the Fehu rune. She calls for financial stability, it is a symbol of wealth. Due to the fact that it is used three times, its energy is boosted. The talisman will turn out to be a powerful magnet for money.

On the topic, you can make an entry from three runes: Ansuz, Uruz and Yer. The first symbolizes the power of the word, the second - action, energy, and the third - fertility. There is another option - the interconnected runes Algiz and Inguz. The first asks for protection and the second for wealth.

runes to attract money

slavic embroidery

When creating money amulets, Slavic symbols are used. One of the common options is embroidered paintings.

  1. Burdock of happiness. Like the thorny plant of the same name, the sign "catches" luck. It is a symbol of well-being, success in financial affairs.
  2. Cross Star. Help to achieve the goal. The symbol is used separately and as part of an ornament.
  3. Belobog. It means happiness. His action is not only to protect against conflict, to increase prosperity.

Talismans with these signs should be worn close to the body. You can also make a picture-shaped ornament and hang it around the house. So the amulet will maintain the prosperity of the whole family, protect it.

Slavic embroidery to attract wealth.

Activation and cleaning

For the talisman to work, you need to activate and charge it. If there are no instructions for the purchased product, you can use the universal method at home.

  1. Wrap the item in a clean red cotton cloth.
  2. Put the package on the windowsill so that the moonlight falls on it.
  3. Wait for the night.

It is best to perform the procedure on a full moon or during a growing moon.

Periodically, the talisman must be cleaned. To do this, it must be kept under water from a tap or in a stream. There is another method to remove the negative that has accumulated in the subject: soak it overnight in salt water.

There are talismans that do not require an activation ritual. An example is a 4 leaf clover. The first is a symbol of fire, associated with fame, the second is associated with water and is a sign of good luck.

The third is airy, it is associated with love. The fourth is earthy, indicates health, wealth. 4-leaf clover can fulfill any wishes of the owner. It must be used wisely.

  1. Put a piece of paper in your shoes before you leave the house. This will bring good luck.
  2. Put in a wallet for financial well-being.
  3. Put in a frame, cover with glass and hang near the front door of the house. This will protect you from negative energy.
  4. Eat a leaf with your loved one. This is necessary to strengthen the relationship between them.

Another well-known version of the talisman to attract material wealth is the horseshoe. Suitable as a keychain, souvenir, pendant.